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Friends of D.E.L.S.,

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making our inaugural Founder’s Day celebration a tremendous success. We had such a wonderful time spending the day with you and showing you around the shop.

Touring all of you through D.E.L.S. and introducing you to the rest of our family was so much fun, but it also gave me an opportunity to reflect. It’s so easy to go blind to growth when it happens incrementally. When I took the reins of D.E.L.S., we only had four employees, and today, we have over thirty! It’s like planting a tree - after a while, you stop measuring the growth, but one day, you notice the little sapling you planted with your own hands is taller than a house with deep roots and strong limbs.

The same is true of you - my customers, my friends. So many wonderful people have come through our door, and yet, I rarely have the time to engage. Seeing all of you in one place was yet another reminder of how much we’ve grown over the years, so thank you for your friendship and ongoing support of the D.E.L.S. family.

I’ve said several times that I consider everyone at D.E.L.S. to be family, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of my children, Trisha, Brittany and Tyler. So many family-run businesses fade away over time, but D.E.L.S. has only grown stronger generation over generation, and I have no doubt that my grandchildren will one day stand where I stand now.

Very few fathers get to work with their daughters. I am so lucky to see my girls and their beautiful children every day. With Brittany managing the office and Trisha running the teaching side, I know that the company is in good hands. Tyler grew up in the wood shop, but now he’s pursuing a different career at John Hancock in Boston. I know D.E.L.S. will always be a part of his life, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. Trisha’s daughter Payton has already started helping out in the shop, and I’m sure Brantley and Brayden will be working here in no time.

This Founder’s Day, I find myself face to face with a stunning realization: my father’s dream has come true. He left me a good roadmap - treat people with respect, surround yourself with the best people and stay flexible. With the help of my family and incredible customers, we have built more than a business, we’ve established an institution that will stand the test of time. I know Dad would be proud.

From all of us at D.E.L.S., thank you, and we look forward to serving your Nantucket Basket needs for generations to come!

David W. Brown

P.S. As a thanks from everyone at D.E.L.S. we are offering $10 off each web order when you use THANKS10 as a coupon code, through September 10th. We will start running our Flash Sales again soon, however we do need some time to catch up on Founder's Day orders. For those of you who are located in Massachusetts, don't forget that this weekend is TAX FREE! All web orders will be TAX FREE on August 11th & 12th.

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