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Ebony End Caps

Ebony End Caps

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Ebony End Caps for your Nantucket Style Bracelets, Barrettes (3/4") and Key Chains (3/4").  End Caps are sold by the pair.
Choose from a variety of sizes.

Ebony End Caps can be scrimmed, using a white wash ink.
We have changed the way we charge for scrim on end caps, due to the simplicity or intricacy of the scrim request. If you would like your end caps scrimmed, please mark the box, and we will contact you to discuss the request and pricing.
Pricing Tiers are as follows:
Tier 1 - $11.00 per end cap or side - Engraved initials, or simple lines
Tier 2 - $17.50 per end cap or side - Basic logos or simple images, mostly done by hand
Tier 3 - $25.00 per end cap or side - More complicated or detailed images done by hand

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