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Shed Antler Carvings

introducing shed antler carvings

For the animal-loving weaver, the team at D.E.L.S. Nantuckets is proud to offer naturally shed antler carvings. Antler is a sustainable resource that is harvested without any harm or discomfort to animals. Around January of every year, male deer, moose and elk shed their antlers and grow new ones the following Spring, so these antlers can be gathered without agitating the animal.

Each of these antlers is unique in appearance, but their true beauty is only revealed when they are carved and polished by our accomplished artisans. As the carver works with the antler, different shades of black, brown and yellow emerge. Parts of the antler might be porous and rough, while other parts are sleek and lustrous. It is up to the judgment and keen eye of the carver to determine what shapes might be best for any given antler carving. It is also possible to infuse the more porous sections of antler with powdered dust from semi-precious stones in order to impart stunning hues of blue, green or red.

Popular designs include scallop shells, conchs and dolphins, but others are available to customers who choose to custom order their antler carvings. Both cost-efficient and cruelty-free, antler is an excellent alternative to ivory for the environmentally conscious basketmaker.

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