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Janice C. Whitney | Nantucket Basket Teacher

Address: 880 Aquarina Blvd., Melbourne Beach, FL 32951


Phone: 617.921.8612

# of Years of Experience: Seven years

Class Location: Aquarina Community Center Melbourne Beach, FL

Bio: I fell in love with Nantucket Baskets while vacationing on Nantucket each year with my family. I wanted one! About 15yrs ago my friend, Kyle James offered to teach a class at her house, which I eagerly signed up for, and the rest is history. I made many baskets with Kyle and on my own. Kyle moved away and some friends asked me to teach a small group out of my home in Lexington, MA which I did for a few years with the help of the DEL's staff. It was very rewarding and we so enjoyed our 'classes' each week together. Life changed for me and my husband dramatically when we subsequently retired. We sold our home in Lexington and retired (winter only) to Melbourne Beach, Florida where we have established our residency. Some Florida friends there noticed my Nantucket Baskets, fell in love with them and asked me to teach a class right there in our Community Center. I did. As always with a new class... I was a little nervous getting started. My class consisted of eight people including two MEN, one a retired Oral Surgeon and the other a retired Union Leader, head of Operating Engineers of NYC. These people were SERIOUS! Needless to say our class was colorful and very exciting! I told everybody at our first class that I am a 'fussy' teacher and not to take it personally if I instruct you to 'do it over' as I will demand perfection! We met once a week all winter long and continue to do so. Our conversations ran the gambit! I am so proud of my students as they have completed beautiful baskets with great enthusiasm and continue to do so. Janice C. Whitney