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Kathi Beauchesne | Nantucket Basket Teacher


Address: 7401 Travertine Drive, Unit 106, Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: 410-967-3585

Years of Experience: Twenty Years.

Class Location: I teach at 7401 Travertine Drive, but I am also willing to travel.

Bio: Kathi Beauchesne started the Center for Research in Basketry back in 2009. The Center has received a series of grants from the Maryland State Arts Council to study basketry traditions in Maryland communities throughout the state. She offers classes from January through November and participates in cultural festivals and events statewide to promote the art and craft of basketmaking and basket makers. Your teacher, Kathi Beauchesne started making baskets in 1985 and schedules basket making classes for all levels from January through November. Her basketry work has won prizes at the Maryland State Fair and been featured and juried by the Towson Art Collective. She can make baskets in any color (she dyes her own cane and reed), size, shape or design, custom-made to requested specifications. Kathi teaches and makes Nantucket baskets, which originated with Native Americans on Nantucket Island. Nantucket baskets were also made by sailors to pass the time at sea. These tightly woven baskets are made on molds. Different varieties of cane and wood are used in these baskets to form the structure. As a student, you can count on learning a variety of shapes and styles along with building your skills.